About NPCAWhat We Do

Nurse Practitioner Clinics Australia are opening ‘Convenient Care Clinics’ in places where people predominantly work. Nurse Practitioners with Pharmacists and General Practitioners have foreseen the advantages to the public of convenient, affordable and accessible health care through locations in their everyday environment.

The dawn of Medicare changes and access to prescribing rights has improved the scope of Nurse Practitioners allowing them to begin operating in an Autonomous primary health care role.The public perception of Nurse Practitioners is rapidly growing as more people experience the professional role in Emergency Departments, Regional centres and community services.

Nurse Practitioner Clinics Australia work within the strict direction of Clinical Practice Guidelines, meaning the nurse will only treat ailments that comply with the guidelines, those generally minor in nature. This assures that consult times are reduced and therefore the nurse is available more frequently. Complex presentations are referred to the General Practitioner as long as immediate safety and health are maintained.

Nurse Practitioner Clinics Australia hopes to bring ‘convenient care clinics’ to more metro and rural locations with an emphasis on a busy workforce who are time poor and sometimes isolated from essential services. The involvement of practitioners in the operations of this company is always promoted and favoured in the delivery of best practice. We are proudly Australian operated and focussed on delivering the best in Health Care to all.

Nurse Practitioner Clinics focus on delivering:

  • Professional collaboration with Medical Practices
  • Affordable health care
  • Fast, Convenient services
  • Reduced wait times
  • An option for simple ailments
  • Reduced stress to the Australian Health System